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Summer 2017 BIG NEWS! Due to harpist Ann Borden's recent retirement, Belles on Strings and Bonnie Bows are currently under re-construction as we welcome guitarist/singer Bill Lowry to the group...

While continuing to focus on traditional Scottish and Irish music, Belles on Strings is transitioning into a more casual band. When Ann began to step back from performing, Tracey and Beth began to perform as a duo, called Bonnie Bows. With Ann's recent full retirement and the addition of Bill, we are a whole new band! So now, in addition to Beth Hyland on fiddle and bodhran, and Tracey Maxwell on cello, we have Bill Lowry on guitar, mandolin and vocals. All three of us love a rousing jig or reel and the energy we can build with our combination of instruments. We're currently working on a new name to reflect our new sound. Suggestions welcome!

The three of us hail from Winston-Salem, NC—smack dab in the path of The Great Philadelphia Wagon Road. From the 1700s onward, this wilderness highway brought many thousands of Scots-Irish settlers, and their music, to our area. We perform traditional and contemporary Scottish and Irish music. Our arrangements draw upon historical Celtic roots and are influenced by folk, jazz and other traditions. We like to say we heed the call of our Scots-Irish ancestry, but answer with a contemporary spin!

Join us on a Celtic musical journey begun many hundreds of years ago and still evolving. 

May your heart sing and your kilt swing!

And of course, more news soon—

Tracey and Beth

          Welcome, Bill!